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  • New York court hears appeal of 9/11 detainees

    A government lawyer representing former Attorney General John Ashcroft and former FBI Director Robert Mueller was grilled by a federal appeals court Thursday over questions about their role in the roundup of hundreds of Muslim and Arab men in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks.

  • **FILE** Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican (Associated Press)

    Sen. Rand Paul threatens to block nominee, again, over drones

    Sen. Rand Paul is threatening to block James Comey's nomination to lead the FBI if he does not get answers on the use of drones within the U.S. borders, just four months after his 13-hour filibuster of President Obama's pick to lead the CIA.

  • ** FILE ** Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican and a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

    California Rep. Duncan Hunter wants audit of U.S. secrecy in wake of NSA leak

    A Republican congressman called Wednesday for an audit of all U.S. government secrecy standards, saying "classification inflation" is forcing federal agencies to issue more and more clearances, increasing the chances for leaks about vital programs.

  • **FILE** FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III testifies on May 16, 2012, on Capitol Hill before the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Associated Press)

    FBI Director Mueller defends surveillance programs

    FBI Director Robert Mueller told a House committee on Thursday the government's massive undercover surveillance programs were court-approved and have been conducted in compliance with U.S. law and with oversight from Congress.

  • LAPD investigating leak of officials' finance docs

    Los Angeles police say they are investigating the online posting of private financial records of several celebrities and the department's police chief.

  • Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. (left), accompanied by FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III, announces on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011, in Washington that two men have been charged in an alleged plot directed by elements of the Iranian government to murder the Saudi ambassador to the United States. (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

    FBI jets for war on terror used for top officials' personal, business travel

    Two corporate-style jets that the FBI persuaded Congress to lease for fighting global terrorism have instead been used the majority of the time to ferry Attorney General Eric Holder, his predecessor in the Bush administration and FBI Director Robert Mueller on business and personal trips at an expense of millions of dollars to taxpayers, an investigation has found.

  • Lawmakers ask if Holder’s use of FBI planes abuses privilege

    Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, wants answers about whether Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and other senior Justice Department officials misused FBI aircraft, hindering the agency's investigations and ignoring a White House order to cut travel costs.

  • FBI director: Cyber-threats will become top worry

    The director of the FBI told an annual gathering of cyber-security professionals on Thursday that the agency needs the private sector to help combat what he believes is becoming the nation's No. 1 threat.

  • FBI contacted phone monitoring firm about software

    A senior executive at a technology company that makes monitoring software secretly installed on 141 million cellphones said Thursday that the FBI approached the company about using its technology but was rebuffed. The disclosure came one day after FBI Director Robert Mueller assured Congress that agents "neither sought nor obtained any information" from the company, Carrier IQ.

  • Inside Politics

    The Senate has voted unanimously to extend the term of FBI Director Robert Mueller, who took over the agency just days before the Sept. 11 attacks.

  • Inside Politics

    A bill requiring 500,000 public workers in New Jersey to shoulder a significantly larger share of the costs for their health care and pension benefits and take the issue off the bargaining table has advanced in the Legislature over staunch objections from organized labor.

  • FBI Director Robert Mueller listens to opening statements from lawmakers during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday about extending his 10-year term. (Rod Lamkey Jr./The Washington Times)

    FBI stepping up efforts to counter cybercrime

    FBI Director Robert Mueller told the Senate on Wednesday that the FBI is stepping up efforts to combat cybercrime and espionage.

  • **FILE** In this March 30 photo, FBI Director Robert Mueller testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. President Obama will ask Congress to allow Mueller to remain in his job an extra two years, senior administration officials told the Associated Press on Thursday. (Associated Press)

    Obama seeking Congress OK for FBI chief to stay

    President Obama will ask Congress to allow FBI Director Robert Mueller to remain in his job an extra two years, a rare exemption that would give the government stability in a time of change atop the national security team and renewed worldwide attention on terrorism.

  • Illustration: Patriot by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    ROWLEY & LEGGIERE: Let the Patriot Act die

    In little more than a month, three of the 160 provisions of the notorious Patriot Act are set to expire. While federal officials have claimed that Congress must reauthorize those provisions to keep the nation safe, we should take their claims with a grain of proverbial salt.

  • FBI backs record-keeping on prepaid cell phones

    FBI Director Robert Mueller has endorsed anti-terrorism legislation that would require prepaid cell-phone sellers to keep records of buyers' identities.

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  • "In the last two years, the software used to create the Mariposa botnet was sold to hundreds of other criminals, making it one of the most notorious in the world," said FBI Director Robert Mueller in a statement. "These cyber intrusions, thefts, and frauds undermine the integrity of the Internet and the businesses that rely on it; they also threaten the privacy and pocketbooks of all who use the Internet."

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  • At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Mueller said the bureau would be very supportive of such a reporting requirement and that it would be essential to the success of investigations.

    FBI backs record-keeping on prepaid cell phones →

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