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  • FILE - In this Nov. 13, 2013 file photo, Homeland Security Secretary nominee  Jeh Johnson testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on his nomination. Democrats begin a drive this week to muscle a half dozen of President Barrack Obama's Republican-opposed nominees through the Senate after clamping shackles on traditional minority party rights in last month's power play against the GOP. Republicans, however, still have some tools for grinding the Senate's work to an excruciatingly slow crawl. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

    Senate confirms Obama pick Jeh Johnson as Homeland Security secretary

    The Senate approved Jeh Johnson as the fourth Homeland Security secretary, giving him the reins at a department that, more than a decade after its creation, is still unstable and trying to figure out its role in the massive federal bureaucracy.

  • Sen. Thomas R. Carper, Delaware Democrat (Associated Press)

    Dems back bill to fix problems in investor visa program

    The Democratic chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee said Wednesday he now backs a bill to fix national security and fraud problems with a visa program that gives coveted U.S. green cards to wealthy foreigners investing in new American businesses.

  • **FILE** Alejandro Mayorkas, President Obama's nominee to become deputy secretary of the Homeland Security Department, testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington on July 25, 2013, before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on his nomination. Mayorkas strongly denied allegations that he had helped a politically connected company obtain a foreign investor visa, as his nomination got a White House vote of confidence. (Associated Press)

    Despite questions, Senate panel backs top Homeland nominee

    Senate Democrats pushed through committee President Obama's pick to become the No. 2 official at Homeland Security on Wednesday, dismissing warnings about an ongoing probe of the nominee's role in a visa program that has raised security concerns about politically connected foreigners using it to buy citizenship.

  • Alejandro Mayorkas, President Obama's choice for deputy secretary of the Homeland Security Department, is facing questions about statements he's made that are seen as misleading or untrue. No vote to confirm him is set. (associated press)

    Democrats proceed with Mayorkas vote despite pending investigation

    Senate Democrats will plow ahead Wednesday with a vote on President Obama's nominee for the No. 2 job at the Department of Homeland Security, even though he is the subject of an ongoing inspector general's investigation — an unprecedented move that has riled Republicans.

  • ** FILE ** In this Nov. 30, 2010, file photo, Jeh Johnson speaks during a news conference at the Pentagon in Washington. President Barack Obama has chosen former Pentagon lawyer Johnson as the new secretary of the Homeland Security Department. Obama announced Johnson's nomination Friday, Oct. 18, 2013. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File)

    Homeland nominee Jeh Johnson faces tough questions

    President Obama's pick to head the sprawling, troubled Department of Homeland Security may face tough questioning when he appears for his confirmation hearing Wednesday. But if his nomination is derailed or delayed, it is almost certain to be by an unrelated dispute between a GOP senator and the administration.

  • **FILE** Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican (Associated Press)

    Lawyer bilked Social Security while representing hundreds of clients

    In testimony more befitting a legal thriller than a congressional hearing, Social Security employees told the Senate on Monday of an agency office in West Virginia rife with intimidation, retaliation and corruption — including a successful scheme that allowed a lawyer to bilk more than $4 million in taxpayers' money from the disability system.

  • Alejandro N. Mayorkas is director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. (Associated Press)

    Alejandro Mayorkas: Bruising DHS confirmation expected amid claims he brokered shady visa deals

    Democrats plan an impassioned defense of embattled Deputy Homeland Security Secretary nominee Alejandro Mayorkas Thursday, stressing his qualifications while downplaying an ongoing inspector general investigation into allegations he helped the brother of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton get a visa for a dodgy Chinese investor.

  • Sen. Thomas R. Carper, Delaware Democrat, is disappointed with the new $77 million computer system to detect Medicare fraud before money is paid out. (Associated Press)

    $77 million Medicare fraud catcher solves very little

    Debuting last summer, a $77 million computer system to detect Medicare fraud before it occurs had prevented just one suspicious payment by Christmas. That saved taxpayers exactly $7,591.

  • Sen. Thomas R. Carper, Delaware Democrat (Associated Press)

    Closing mail sorting plants put on hold

    Just days after top U.S. Postal Service officials said they were moving ahead to close mail sorting facilities nationwide, the agency halted the plans Tuesday amid pressure from members of Congress.

  • Thomas Carper, chairman of Amtrak's board of directors, is under fire from a California congressman, who is calling for his ouster, along with that of the passenger-rail service's general counsel. (Associated Press)

    Issa urges firing of Amtrak chief, counsel

    A powerful House Republican wants Amtrak's chairman and top lawyer fired.

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