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  • Edwin Meese, a head of a commission investigating FBI counterterrorism efforts, says the panel will examine revelations about a human asset in direct contact with Osama bin Laden in the early 1990s. One of the panel's mandates, he said, is to dig into "what evidence wasn't known to the 9/11 Commission." (Andrew Harnik/The Washington Times)

    Panel to investigate handling of FBI mole; asset was close to bin Laden pre-9/11

    Members of a special panel examining the FBI's counterterrorism efforts over the past decade say they will "push hard" for an answer to why the bureau has never revealed information about a human asset it reportedly had in direct contact with al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden during the early 1990s.

  • ** FILE ** Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and her Indian counterpart, External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna, meet in New Delhi in 2009. (Associated Press)

    Iranian oil, Afghanistan top agenda for U.S.-India talks

    The third U.S.-India strategic dialogue gets under way in Washington this week as the Obama administration considers imposing sanctions on the South Asian nation for importing oil from Iran.

  • Embassy Row

    The U.S. ambassador to India announced his resignation Thursday, a day after learning that New Delhi dropped two American companies from the competition for a multibillion-dollar defense deal.

  • Richardson urges Iran policy shift

    New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson showcased his foreign policy credentials yesterday, saying both that the United States needs to reward Iran if it stops developing nuclear weapons and that a nuclear-armed Islamic republic is "unacceptable."

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  • "Our presidents like to send Bill Richardson to meet with bad guys and he often gets good results for the United States," Mr. Roemer said, highlighting the governor's work in North Korea.

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  • "No constructive dialogue with Iran is possible until we break the vicious cycle of suspicion and hostile, incendiary rhetoric," he said. "If we want Iran to improve its behavior, we would do well to stop threatening to attack them."

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