The Washington Times - May 19, 2008, 06:07PM

by Jacquie Kubin

Tequila is never just tequila.  Personally, I like a Tequila that is extremely light to taste, and use it often in both cocktails and in Salsas. A good sprinkling of quality tequila adds a flavorful boost that marries wonderfully with cilantro.


Depending on your tastes, you probably have your favorite.  In an effort to demystify Orzo Tequila, Donne Tempo asked them what make’s their blend a  “super premium Tequila?” 


• Corzo uses only fully mature, 100% blue agave from Los Altos region, the premiere growing region for the most flavorful agave.

• During the pressing of the agave, Corzo discards the liquid from the first five hours of steaming because this liquid comes from the sour skin of the piña and is undesirable

• Re-distilled after barrel aging, Corzo uses a proprietary “heart of hearts” process during each distillation, during which an aggressive cut of the Tequila’s heads and tails ensures a rich, full bodied Tequila with an ultra smooth finish.

• Because the “heart of hearts” process uses only the best part of the agave, It takes Corzo more than two times the agave to make one bottle compared to other super-premium Tequilas. 

• Corzo is the only Tequila to use sparging, which introduces microscopic air bubbles before bottling, allowing this superlative tequila to breathe.

• CORZO Silver is bottled after the third distillation, allowing the purity and freshness of the blue agave to shine through.

• Corzo Reposado is aged in two different barrels to deliver a more complex and layered spirit.  

• Corzo Añejo goes through a second aging process to deliver a perfectly balanced tequila with notes of oak and honey.

Corzo Modern Margarita

Corzo Modern Margarita

1 part Corzo

2 parts grapefruit juice

1/2 part lime juice

1/2 parts Cointreau

1/2 parts agave nectar

Shake all ingredients. Serve on the rocks in salted glass. 


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