The Washington Times - September 20, 2011, 03:36PM

Jennifer writes in today’s Inside The Beltway: With a certain 1950s B-movie melodrama, the economy has morphed into a menacing entity in the minds of American voters. “Who or what is the greatest threat to the United States?” demands a new poll released by the interest group Secure America Now, conducted by bipartisan pollsters Pat Caddell, a Democrat, and John McLaughlin, a Republican. In first place as the nation’s biggest threat? It’s “the economy,” say respondents. Things go downhill or uphill from there, depending on one’s politics. In second place: President Obama, followed by terrorists in third, and “ourselves” in fourth place. Moving right along, other scary things loom: In fifth place, it’s the budget/federal deficit, followed by the U.S. Congress, unemployment, the tea party, government spending, bureaucratic bickering, China and the federal government. Also appearing on the extensive “threat” list: Liberals, conservatives, Republicans and Democrats. (more)