The Washington Times - September 21, 2011, 04:17PM


Emily Miller writes: President Obama is asking Congress to raise taxes on job creators to pay for his “jobs” bill. On Monday, Mr. Obama said the Joint Select Committee for Deficit Reduction should find another $450 billion in deficit reduction (i.e., tax hikes) to bankroll his American Jobs Act, further impoverishing the nation while doing nothing to alleviate the 9.1 percent unemployment rate. Fat-cat donors who paid $35,800 for a ticket in Manhattan heard it directly from “The One” on Monday: “We are going to keep pushing as hard as we can this week, next week and all the weeks that follow to try to get as much done as we can now.” Mr. Obama will raise the tax rates on small businesses from 33 to 36 percent. The majority of these job creators file taxes as individuals, so if a given company profited more than $200,000, the administration classifies it as a “millionaire or billionaire” who owes more moolah to Uncle Sam. (more)