The Washington Times - September 21, 2011, 03:24PM


Jennifer Harper writes in today’s Inside The Beltway:


Pressure is mounting on Barack Obama to throw in the cards and announce that he won’t seek re-election as president. Surprisingly, the push is coming from the left. This has many in mainstream America scratching their heads asking why liberals want to dump the most hard-left president in American history. The answer is they’re worried Mr. Obama has moved too far, too fast - and revealed too much of their big-government agenda - to win a second term. This is Hillary Clinton’s moment. Perennial Green Party candidate Ralph Nader summed up the radicals’ grievance with the first black commander in chief. “Nothing’s worse than an incumbent president slipping in the polls, being constantly on the defensive, being accused by supporters of having no backbone and running an unenthusiastically received campaign,” explained Mr. Nader on Monday. “That’s a prescription for defeat.” He went on to list the Wall Street bailouts, “a unilateral war in Libya,” extending wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan and losing the debt-ceiling debate to Republicans as more justification for dumping Mr. Obama. (more)