The Washington Times - September 8, 2011, 02:57PM

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Andy Parks… Live From The Washington Times
Thursday, September 8, 2011



3:06 Andy’s Debate Reax

3:15 Wayne Allyn Root 

3:28 Space Junk Update

3:31 Where Is Monica Lewinsky?

3:36 Inside The Beltway with Jennifer Harper

3:47 Meredith Somers on Flooding, Cathedral

4:06 Stephen Dinan 

4:28 The Case of the Drunk Elk

4:31 Ex Calls 65K Times

4:36 From The Newsroom with Editor Ed Kelley

4:47 Tony Blankley 

5:06 Jeff Kuhner 

5:15 Debate Audio & Reax

5:28 Inside The Beltway Feature with Jennifer Harper

5:31 Watercooler Report with Kerry Picket

5:47 Governor Frank Keating