The Washington Times - August 13, 2008, 11:06PM

By Jeffrey Denning


The Somali terrorism nexus appears to be gaining momentum just prior to the Democratic National Convention to be held in Denver, and the Republican National Convention that will be held in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-Saint Paul).

Less than two weeks before one of the largest Democratic gatherings in the United States takes place, a 29-year-old man named Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, from Canada, was found dead in a Denver city hotel, according to the Rocky Mountain News. Authorities said he had been there for several days, surrounded by a large amount of sodium cyanide, a potential deadly chemical weapon.

Even though the Denver Police Department, Denver Fire Department, HAZMAT teams, the Colorado National Guard Civil Support Team (a.k.a. Weapons of Mass Destruction response team), and the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force all responded to the scene, an FBI spokeswoman said there is no information that would lead them to believe that the victim was a “terrorist or has terrorist ties.” Don’t you find it odd that before a proper investigation is completed, terrorism is immediately ruled out? Interesting, isn’t it? Or, rather, conniving…at least in part.

Well, here’s what they don’t know - or rather who they don’t know:

Dr. Nancy Kobrin.

Dr. Kobrin is a psychoanalyst, Arabist, and counterterrorism expert, and the author of the forthcoming book, The Sheikh’s New Clothes: The Naked Truth About Islamic Suicide Terrorism.

She recently presented at the Rand Corporation’s 2008 conference on Terrorism and Global Security in the session on Emerging Muslim Immigrant Communities in America and the United Kingdom. In a recent interview with the Times’ Aviation Security community, she explained that “Planes hold a particular fascination and obsession for terrorists not only as a strategic and tactical weapon but their attraction as hard objects discloses the grandiose and omnipotent destructive nature of their sociopathic tendencies.”

She continued, “The use of the planes in the 9/11 attack reveals infantile behavior on a grandiose scale on the order of little boys knocking down block towers in pre-school.”


(Good point. Too, whenever we make fun of the ‘infantile terrorists,’ albeit truly stated, it empowers us not to fear them. Hence, we win. The late President Ronald Reagan used such a tactic against the Soviets by poking fun of them occasionally in a public setting.)

As far as the incident noted yesterday in Denver goes, Dr. Kobrin points out that Dirie, the suspicious dead man found in the Denver hotel, originally from Canada, is a common Somali clan name. Moreover, according to Dr. Kobrin, there is a Minneapolis - Toronto link at least for the Somalis. This information about Toronto was mentioned prior to learning that Dirie was from Ottawa, but to us American’s it’s all the same cold tundra up north, eh?

So, does this pre-convention incident mean things could get ugly at both political conventions?

First, a Canadian Somali is found in Denver, the site of the upcoming DNC, with enough cyanide to poison thousands. What’s next? The Republican National Convention descending one of the world’s largest Somali populations - in the Twin Cities?


An attack with an missile-like airplane into either of the conventions, or both of them? Let’s hope not.

Certainly, law enforcement officials would be wise to consult Dr. Kobrin on the matter. She holds a particular interest in the East African immigrant communities, especially the diverse Somali community. And, as a resident of the Twin Cities, she is intimately aware of the nexus between radical Islamically-motivated Somalis and the Republican National Conventions, the latter which will be held in her home town in September. The month alone hits a little too close to home - September. Let’s pray that both conventions go off without a hitch.

Photo by Javier Manzano, Rocky Mountain News