The Washington Times - October 13, 2008, 12:46PM

Keeping yourself free from back pain takes a lot more than strong back muscles. Supporting your spine also requires strong abdominal muscles. Here is a quick guide to the muscles that make up the muscles of your abdomen.

The External Obliques are on the side and front of the abdomen. The Internal Obliques lie under the external obliques, running in the opposite direction. The Rectus Abdominis is a long muscle that extends along the front of the abdomen. The Transverse is the deepest of the abdominal muscles, this lying under the obliques. It warps around the spine for stability.


It is important to develop an exercise plan that targets each set of muscles. Of course, as with all exercise programs, check with your health practioner first to insure that a serious underlying condition is not present that may be aggravated by the exercise. However, if one starts gently and progresses slowly to more vigorous exercise, many of the symptoms associated with lower back pain may be alleviated. Another set of muscles that are key to spinal support are the Erector Spinae muscles. These are actually three sets of muscles that parallel and support the neck and spine.

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