The Washington Times - January 19, 2010, 07:56AM

White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer shares the same views about Fox News and why they should be treated differently than other “traditional” TV news networks as did Anita Dunn, the former director, who stoked tensions between the administration and the news channel.

Before leaving the White House to return to consulting, Ms. Dunn told CNN’s “Reliable Sources” anchor Howard Kurtz in an interview that when President Obama “goes on Fox, he understands he is not going on it as a news network at this point.”


She also has called Fox News a “wing of the Republican Party.”

Although she is no longer officially with the White House, her views seem ingrained with the communications team.

Mr. Pfeiffer told the New York Times in a video interview that Fox News “is not a traditional news organization” because “they have a point of view; that point of view pervades the entire network.”

Because of this, Mr. Pfeiffer said, “We don’t feel the obligation to treat them like we would treat a CNN, or an ABC, or an NBC, or a traditional news organization.”

Mr. Pfeiffer, former White House deputy communications director, assumed Ms. Dunn’s role in December.