The Washington Times - December 9, 2008, 05:35PM

   OK, this is a few days late but I wanted to draw your attention to a New York Times’ ad the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty which ran Dec. 5 on behalf of evangelical Protestant leaders wishing to defend the Mormons. The ad includes an ethnic variety of evangelical Protestant religious leaders - male and female - calling homosexual violence against Latter-day Saints churches “an outrage.” Nathan Diamant of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America also signed on.

  Some brief history: On Nov. 4, voters in California voted 52.3%-47.7%, by a margin of 500,000
votes in favor of Proposition 8 to amend the state constitution to ban gay marriage. Since May 15, gay marriage was legal in California thanks to a ruling by the California Supreme Court. When it became known that the Mormons may have provided some the money and the manpower to tip the balance at the polls, opponents of the proposition targeted LDS houses of worship, spray painting some with graffiti, yelling at parishioners, even planting white powder meant to look like anthrax.


  So the signers of this document felt the Mormons needed some defending. Of course some of the gay websites weren’t too sympathetic with their argument. The Human Rights Campaign had this to say. The Los Angeles Times ran this about efforts to boycott, blacklist and harass anyone who had anything to do with passing Proposition 8.

   What is wrong with this picture? What if the pro-lifers who have lost twice at the polls in South Dakota decided to harass and hound the folks who voted against their bill essentially outlawing abortion? What if all the conservatives whose candidates bombed at the polls a month ago conducted hate campaigns against people and organizations who tried to defeat them? Why is it OK for the gay rights folks to be sore losers but not for anyone else? Someone please enlighten me.

   - Julia Duin, religion editor