The Washington Times - December 4, 2009, 05:16PM

Looks like Canon Mary Glasspool, a priest on staff with the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland and an Annapolis resident, may be elected a bishop tomorrow. She’s running second right now for two suffragan bishop positions in the Diocese of Los Angeles. The woman who is beating her out today for the first position is the Rev. Diane Bruce, a San Clemente priest who speaks two Chinese dialects, some Spanish and is a heavy hitter in the diocese. Her election was all but assured. Look here for the results of the first two ballots.

But Ms. Glasspool, who is from this neck of the woods, is running a strong second and the election for the other suffragan spot is Saturday morning. That means that tomorrow she MAY make history by being the first openly lesbian Episcopal bishop in the Anglican Communion. I am already lining up folks to give me quotes about this sooooo count on it, folks. She’s very qualified and very “out” about her partner of 21 years.