The Washington Times - August 24, 2007, 05:28PM
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Subject: Lee Hamilton, Ted Sorenson, David Ignatius, and Generals Speak out in Support of Obama’s Foreign Policy\ \ \ Good afternoon,\ \ \ We know that as you go out in the world to talk to people about Senator Obama and the campaign, you get asked questions about his policy positions and we wanted to take a minute to send you some important information and articles that relate to the Senator’s foreign policy positions. From Lee Hamilton to Ted Sorenson, people agree that the Senator is “right on foreign policy.” (See Ted Sorenson’s article “JFK Replay: ‘Naive’ Obama Right on Foreign Policy” below.)\ \ \ Please take a minute to read the articles from the Washington Post and Newsweek and share them with others. We have also attached a list of key quotes from people like Lee Hamilton and Samantha Powers for you to share with others.\ “Senator Obama presented a thoughtful, substantive and comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy. This is an important contribution to the national dialogue on this leading issue.” [Lee Hamilton, former Democratic Congressman, Vice Chair of the 9/11 Commission, Co-Chair of the Iraq Study Group, Member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council]\ \ \ We have also attached the Senator’s recent speeches on Iraq and his Strategy to Fight Global Terrorism. Please share the contents of this email with anyone and everyone you think might be interested.\ \ \ Thanks for your continued support.\ \ \ Best wishes,\ \ \ Team Obama
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