The Washington Times - February 19, 2008, 04:50PM

\ There are certain things you come to expect to see at spring training. Players jogging from practice field to practice field. Fans milling around hoping to get autographs. Media members suffering from bad sunburns.\ \ \ But it’s probably safe to say no one this morning expected to see a major-league general manager riding around on a Segway.\ \ \ Yes, Jim Bowden chose the high-tech, electric two-wheeler (tricked out with Nationals logos, of course) as his preferred mode of transportation. And he didn’t just use it to move from field to field. No, he used it to move the five feet from one bullpen mound to the next, or simply to spin around in circles while behind the batting cage.\ \ \ Look for Bowden to break out his unicycle tomorrow.\


\ Photo by Peter Lockley / The Washington Times