The Washington Times - May 27, 2008, 10:09PM

Greetings from Petco Park in beautiful San Diego. If you’re reading this, you’ve found the new location of our Nationals blog. The Times just launched a new (and quite impressive) website, but it may take a few days for everything to come together and the bugs to be worked out.

The news to report heading into tonight’s game against the Padres is that Ryan Zimmerman is out of the lineup for the second straight day, battling a sore right shoulder. Zimmerman remains confident this is not a big deal, and the shoulder in fact feels much better today than it did yesterday. That said, he didn’t take batting practice today and may take tomorrow’s game off as well.

“If I had to play today, I probably could,” Zimmerman said. “It’s kind of a risk-reward kind of thing. Do I really want to play right now and risk hurting it even more, or take two or three days and get it better and then have four months to play? It just makes sense.”

This is only Zimmerman’s third game off the last two seasons combined, so it’s a rare event indeed. The Nats’ starting lineup, already decimated by injuries, looks like a ragtag bunch tonight…

2B Lopez
SS Guzman
3B Boone
1B Young
CF Milledge
C Flores
LF Pena
RF Dukes
P Hill

— Mark Zuckerman