The Washington Times - June 9, 2009, 05:21PM

Billowing clouds are forming over Nationals Park, and lightning is shooting off in every direction. If this is the way Stephen Strasburg makes an entrance, gotta say it’s pretty cool.

Anyway…we’re less than an hour from the start of the draft, when the Nats are expected to take the San Diego State right-hander with the top pick. There’s still some doubt about where they go with the 10th overall pick, but I’ve heard from a source close to Chad Jenkins that the Kennesaw State right-hander is not coming here; he’s likely headed to Toronto with the 20th overall selection.


Mark and I are both betting on Stanford closer Drew Storen with No. 10—he’d address a glaring need, probably sign for slot and the Nationals are fond of Stanford pitchers. Stay tuned.