The Washington Times - May 11, 2009, 03:54PM

Some breaking injury news from Syracuse, where Class AAA outfielder (and Nationals opening day center fielder) Lastings Milledge apparently broke his right ring finger while trying to bunt. Not sure of the extent of the injury yet, but I expect we’ll have an update from acting GM Mike Rizzo a little later at the ballpark. Tough break, literally, for Milledge, who of course was trying to work his way back to the big leagues after getting demoted one week into the season.

Meanwhile, here in San Francisco the Nats take on Randy Johnson and the Giants tonight in the first of a three-game series at AT&T Park. The Big Unit is going for win No. 298, and one of the men he’ll be facing is going for consecutive game No. 29 with a hit.


Yes, Ryan Zimmerman’s streak is alive and well, and apparently the rest of the sports-watching nation is beginning to catch on. I was impressed just now to see on ESPN’s bottom line that Zimmerman’s streak is the third item mentioned on “The Lead,” behind tonight’s NBA and NHL playoff matchups. Hardly a “SportsCenter Special” or anything, but at least people are beginning to catch on.

Plenty more on Zimmerman and Milledge later once I get to AT&T Park…