The Washington Times - May 13, 2009, 04:47PM

Ryan Zimmerman didn’t make it easy today. He’s been up to bat twice in three innings against Barry Zito and failed to get a hit either time.

Zimmerman, sitting on a 30-game hit streak, grounded into a 4-6-3 double play in the top of hte first, though he did hit the ball hard. Two innings later, he drew a walk after fouling off a 3-2 offering from Zito. So he’s going to need to get a hit later to keep the streak alive.


Speaking of keeping the streak alive, I just learned this fact yesterday. Never knew it before, and I think it’s interesting for anyone who’s following Zim’s pursuit: If a player manages to draw a walk, get hit by a pitch, drop a sacrifice bunt or reach on defensive interference, his hit streak stays intact. If, however, he does all of the above but hits into a sacrifice fly, the streak is over. Interesting.

Meanwhile, it’s scoreless here at AT&T Park, with Zito and Shairon Martis each pitching their way out of a couple of jams. We’re actually going to the bottom of the fourth already (this game’s moving faster than I can type) so I’m going to point out that Elijah Dukes was just caught stealing third with one out. Dukes has now been thrown out in five of seven base-stealing attempts. That’s a horrible percentage, and I’ve got to believe Manny Acta’s going to take away Dukes’ standing green light to run. The rest of the Nats’ roster is 11 for 12 in stolen bases this year. Apparently everyone else understands when it’s appropriate to run and when it’s not.