The Washington Times - May 23, 2009, 08:53PM

If the measure of maturity for a young pitcher is how he does the second and third time through a lineup, score one for Ross Detwiler tonight. After walking three in the first three innings, Detwiler threw more strikes, located his fastball better and allowed just one baserunner after the third.

He finished with one run on one hit in six innings, while walking and striking out four each.


It’ll be a no-decision for Detwiler (we’re still tied at 1), but the Nationals have to be impressed with how he battled back. This is a pitcher who had faced some questions about his resolve last year and looked lost as recently as this spring, when he was an early cut out of big-league camp. Now, he could have a shot at staying in the majors for at least another week or two.

The Nats tied the game at one in the fifth inning on Cristian Guzman’s homer—Brian Bass left a fastball over the middle of the plate, on the first pitch, and Guzman hammered it. When it’s a guy like Guzman, who hacks at the first pitch frequently, that’s the last pitch you want to throw there.

Julian Tavarez on for the Nats now. We’ll see if the bullpen can get a win for a change.