The Washington Times - May 29, 2009, 10:27AM

First, here’s the link to our story today on Stephen Strasburg. We’ll have another one next week, and I’ll come back with a heads-up when that one’s about to run.

Second, here are a couple extra quotes from Tony Gwynn that didn’t make the paper about the prospect of Strasburg going No. 1 overall and signing with the Nationals:


On the signing process: “I’ll be pulling for him like crazy, that hopefully they can get something done – quickly. Because I’m interested too, I’m interested in seeing what happens if he can. But negotiations can be very difficult at times. And from what we’ve been hearing, the numbers could get pretty big. I can’t go to him and say, ‘Hey man, look, you gotta sign and start playing.’ But I have told him the goal is to get to the big leagues.”

On wanting to play for the hometown Padres versus heading east to play for the Nationals: “I never asked him about it. If you lived in San Diego, deep down, in the deep recesses of your mind, I’m sure he would love that opportunity. But it ain’t gonna happen, I don’t think. I really don’t think that. And again, he wants to play. I don’t think to him, it matters if it’s a Nationals uniform, a Mariners or a Padres. Whoever gives him that opportunity, that’s where he wants to play. That’s the impression I’ve gotten since I’ve known the kid, and I don’t think it’s going to change. Although I think deep down, I know he was a Tony Gwynn fan when he was little. His mom told me. And I’m sure he would have loved the opportunity to pitch for the home team. But at this point, it’s out of his hands. And when it’s out of your hands, hey, you just want to pitch in the big leagues. I think that’s how most kids look at it. They don’t really care. I’m sure he’s going to get that opportunity. I’m sure he’s going to get his. And you know what? I grew up in Long Beach. I grew up a Dodger fan. And when I got to the Padres, I flipped over like it was nothing. And so for him, I’m sure it’ll be the same way.”

There you have it. We’ll be back with more on Strasburg next week.