The Washington Times - May 5, 2009, 07:30PM

The Nationals and Astros suspended play in the 11th inning with the score tied at 10 this afternoon. This is a game the Nationals should have won before it ever got that far, and we’ll get to that in a moment. But first, the implications of the rainout:

—This game will be resumed on July 9 in Houston with the situation exactly as it was Tuesday—Josh Willingham at the plate, Elijah Dukes on first with one out.  The Nationals will be the home team, and once that game is finished, they’ll start the regular game as the road team. That prompted a few funny lines in the clubhouse afterward—Scott Olsen wondered if the Nats will have to wear their road greys, while Ryan Zimmerman jokingly asked if the Nats get to use the home clubhouse.


—Stats from this game count, which means Ryan Zimmerman’s hit streak is at 23 games. Which is too bad, because I was looking forward to all sorts of odd implications of him getting the streak stopped at 55, only to officially tie DiMaggio once this game goes final in July. Alas, the Elias Sports Bureau says the stats count, so Zim gets credit for his 23rd game of the streak now.

—Now, to the game: This one, again, hangs on the Nats’ bullpen, which gave up five runs from the seventh to the ninth and blew a pair of leads. The group has been worked extensively recently, but that’s still no excuse. Wil Nieves also shares a little responsibility for the score being tied—he tried to throw out Geoff Blum at second base on Roy Oswalt’s bunt. Everybody was safe, and rather than having two outs, the Astros had one, and scored three more runs. “It was a bad throw by the catcher, I made some bad pitches, and combine all that together, there’s four runs (total in the inning,” pitcher Scott Olsen said.

Manny Acta’s take on the play? “I think he was trying to do a little bit too much. One out, you get the second out at first base, and you have (Michael) Bourn, left-on-left. I think that’s what we would have preferred. But he’s being aggressive, so you can’t fault him for that.”

—Garrett Mock came up hurting after fielding Bourn’s popup bunt in the eighth inning, and hyperextended his right leg, but the right-hander said he’s fine.

—Lastly, the Nationals will activate Joe Beimel in time for Wednesday’s game and option Saul Rivera to Class AAA Syracuse.

OK, that’s all from here. It’s been a long day, and I need to catch the Green Line. Mark will be on the West Coast trip, so he’ll have you covered for the next week or so.