The Washington Times - August 16, 2008, 11:10AM

Skirmish Two in the battle of the statues at the museum near Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond is about to take the stage.

Several years ago in 2003 a statue of Abraham Lincoln and his son Tad was placed at Tredegar, amid much argument and discussion as to its necessity and prominence, not to mention relevance, to that site.


Still seething over the placement of the Lincoln statue, the Sons of Confederate Veterans has proposed to provide the American Civil War center (which controls the Tredegar site) with a statue to offset the Lincoln one. It wiil be a life-size bronze statute of Jefferson Davis, Confederate President. No word from the Center yet as to where it will be placed, and the actual owner of the property, NewMarket Corp. has not said it will agree to accept the statue.

The Davis statue is being done by noted artist and Lexington sculptor Gary Casteel.  It  will present the Confederate President standing with his son Joe, and with Joe Limber, standing at his side. Joe Davis was killed in a fall from the upstairs porch of the Confederate White House in Richmond as a young child.   Limber was a biracial orphan who was taken in by the  Davis family.

The  announced reason for the gift is as part of the year long celebration of Davis’ birth bicentennial, but in the minds of many, it will help to counter the Lincoln statue.

It does provide a nice sort of balance, with the Northern president on one end and the Southern one on the other,  the character and personalities of each softened by the addition of children.

We will now await Skirmish Three…..