The Washington Times - August 18, 2009, 09:57AM

OK, it’s a civil war blog, it’s MY blog, and I can write what I want…..once in awhile.  For those of you who shared my great delight last February at the dove family in a flower box on my verandah, Mama Dove  has returned!  She has now laid two eggs in the little pile (very little) of twigs she calls a nest,  logically under some tall but trailing sweet potato vines.

She is a beautiful shade of Confederate Gray, and while a gentle soul, she must have the spunk of a Yankee woman to chose a spot outside the door upstairs with two cats patrolling the area.  She’s really got the civil war spirit.


I started to call her Miz Mosby, but that sounded too partisan, so I have left her Mama Dove.  But listen up— she’s sitting on two eggs, and they WILL hatch out.  Last year I named the two babies Bonnie and Clyde.

This year I’m open to suggestions.  Carrying out the civil war theme, send me your suggestions as to names for the fledgling doves when they hatch out.  You can always reach me at .

It was great fun last year  watching the two babies, Bonnie so adventurous and strong and the first to really leave the nest, and Clyde who stuck with Mom until she literally pushed him out.  What will this time’s babies do?

Never heard of a civil war dove naming contest?  Beats heck out of hunting and shooting them…… send me  your ideas — just a little bird skirmish here and there.