The Washington Times - August 16, 2007, 10:54AM
Mike Gillespie

\ It’s been quite the crazy year for coaching changes, now at 61 and counting for the 330-plus Division I schools. There have been reversal of decisions (Creighton’s Dan Altman and his flirtation with Arkansas); there’s been coaches returning from TV broadcast work (Saint Louis’ Rick Majerus, Coastal Carolina’s Cliff Ellis, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi’s Perry Clark) or flat-out basketball exile (Bowling Green’s Louis Orr and UC Riverside’s Jim Wooldrige).\


\ There’s even been the nastiness unfolding in Middletown, where Ball State and Ronny Thompson have wildly different versions of how Thompson’s stormy year unraveled in Muncie, Ind.\

\ But for my money, there hasn’t been a series of coaching changes gathered in one league quite so strange as what’s happened in the MEAC, and it would be unfair to say it’s anything but an amazing coincidence\

\ Two schools - Maryland-Eastern Shore and Norfolk State - decided to make a change at the top and proceeded to hire interim coaches for the next season.\

\ South Carolina State dismissed Jamal Brown after one year for the incredibly vague reason of “violat[ing] the university’s obligations under Title IX.”\

\ Now comes Gillespie‘s stalk talk, which is simply weird - and the second straight year the MEAC champion changed its coach before the next season (Hampton’s Bobby Collins resigned after the 2006 season).\

\ - Patrick Stevens