The Washington Times - August 29, 2007, 07:46PM
Josh Portis

\ Apparently, Portis is starting to work with Maryland’s kickoff return team. Right now he’s behind Terrell Skinner and Keon Lattimore, but it would be an interesting way to make the most of his talents.\


\ “Ray [Rychleski] went to him and asked him if he was interested in doing it,” Friedgen said. “I guess he said yes. I don’t have a problem with it. I think he has some skills there. If he didn’t want to do it we wouldn’t have done it with him.”\

\ And as for an immediate payoff? Friedgen answered that question in almost the exact same way he answered the “will Portis play quarterback this week?” question.\

\ “It just depends on how the game goes and depends on how he practices in how we use him and what we do,” Friedgen said. “The worst thing we can do is to have him go in there and not have him play well. That would hurt his confidence more than help it.”\ \0x2014 Patrick Stevens