The Washington Times - July 26, 2007, 07:37PM
Skip Prosser “It seems unfortunate, but that seems to be a reality. The huckstering that goes on starting now seems to bear fruit in March. Or not. I think it’s an abomination in some ways that you can have teams that win nine games in this league and don’t make the tournament. The 16 games you play here and the level of players in this conference and the venues where every place you go is packed and the tradition is incredible, I find it hard to imagine those schools would not be in the national tournament. There is some value to that promotion and tub-thumping. It shouldn\0x2019t be like that, but it seems that way …\ \ Selection Sunday [in 2006] was sort of a slap in the face to the ACC and caused great consternation. People who were in the league a lot longer than I have remember when 6-10 ACC teams went to the tournament. When 9-7 doesn’t, that is a clarion call to ‘Hey, maybe we need to get more involved in promotion.’ “ SEE RELATED:

Patrick Stevens