The Washington Times - October 11, 2007, 07:59PM
Gary Williams

\ Sixty-nine seconds. Here are some snippets:\


\ * “For a review of last year, we graduated four of our six seniors…” Williams said before rattling off where some of his graduates (Ekene Ibekwe-basketball in Israel, Gini Chukura-Financial firm) and non-graduates (Mike Jones-hoops in Turkey, D.J. Strawberry-Phoenix Suns) are up to.\

\ * At 2:08: “For me personally, it was a gratifying year in the terms of my contract because of what we did academically and basketball-wise. I received a year’s extension in my contract, so that’s always a good thing if you’re coaching.”\

\ * At 9:16: “Another important that has helped me out a lot since he’s been here is our head of academic support, Anton Goff. … He does a great job for us. We’re looking forward to both James Gist and Bambale Osby graduating in a four-year situation this spring. Hopefully, that’s going to happen.”\

\ That’s three direct references in a 10-minute opening statement. And that doesn’t even include a reference to “success on and off the court.”\

\ And what about walk-on Jason McAlpin, the team’s third senior? He’ll graduate in the spring with a marketing degree.\

\ – Patrick Stevens