The Washington Times - October 12, 2007, 10:09AM

\ According to Gary Williams‘ dry sense of humor, it might be Braxton Dupree. Williams praised the power forward’s ability to catch the ball, which led to a discussion about Dupree’s hands.\

\ “He writes left-handed,” Williams said. “He looked at me kind of funny [when] I told him that was a sign of genius, being able to write left-handed and being a right-handed player. Then I told him I was, too.”\


\ Dupree probably hopes his “genius” translates into playing career a bit longer than Gary’s.\

\ Dupree might be the most ready of his fellow freshmen to contribute, and the Terps will surely need his help. After the top four – guards Greivis Vasquez and Eric Hayes and forwards Bambale Osby and James Gist – it’s uncertain just how the rotation will shake out.\

\ Dupree and sophomore Landon Milbourne figure to play significant minutes, and Dave Neal is a returning player Williams said had earned time. There’s also redshirt freshman Jerome Burney and freshmen Cliff Tucker, Dino Gregory, Adrian Bowie and Shane Walker trying to etch a role for themselves.\

\ “I don’t hesitate to start freshmen if they’re the best players,” Williams said. “We have to have some young people in our top nine, there’s no doubt about it.”\

\ – Patrick Stevens