The Washington Times - October 12, 2007, 09:34AM

\ Not yesterday.\

\ Basketball SID Jason Yaman (with the help of publications coordinator Patrick Fischer) had the media guide off to the printer last month. And when all the ink-stained wretches straggled into Heritage Hall, there were several stacks of gleaming 2007-08 media guides in the room. This year’s cover boys: Greivis Vasquez, James Gist, Eric Hayes and Bambale Osby. Oh, there was an image of some coach giving a fist pump, too.\


\ That guy – Gary Williams – took note.\

\ “I’d like to congratulate Jason,” Williams said. “In my 19 years here, this is the earliest the press guide has ever been done. That’s a big thing if you’re a basketball coach. You always pick on the SID. I can’t say anything this year.”\

\ Neither can I, other than “Thank you, Jason.”\

\ – Patrick Stevens