The Washington Times - October 25, 2007, 09:43AM

\ So it was off to the bubble, even if it turned out the rain didn’t come as hard as anticipated.\

\ “I’m usually pretty good at judging the rain and I probably would have gone out because it didn’t rain that hard,” Friedgen said. “It looked awful on the radar screen. I don’t know where that rain went. Dark green is supposed to mean a lot of rain. It fooled me. There was some yellow in there.”\


\ Back in the good old days, coaches wouldn’t have used radar technology. And if they had, they probably would have interpreted the colors like it was a stop light. Green means go, yellow hints at caution and red means stop. And since red tends to be reserved on the doppler for serious thunderstorms and tornadoes, the system would work out reasonably well.\

\ Anyway, the banged up Terps took turns in the bubble, located adjacent to the campus golf course across University Boulevard. The defense worked out for an hour, while the offense met. Then the units switched spots. Special teams also got some work in.\

\ Ralph thought the Terps got more out of it than expected. The expectations bar is rather low at the bubble, which is only about 50 yards long and precludes a great many things.\

\ Not that players were upset by the change of venue.\

\ “We get our legs back,” safety Christian Varner said with a big smile. “We were gonna have a long, drawn-out practice and be dead dog tried. You have to do that for your players every now and then, throw us a bone. “That\0x2019s for doing good.’ Then we come back nice and energized and ready to go.\

\ “We don’t have to run all the way down the field. You can’t really condition us afterwards because it’s not big enough. We were like ‘Thank God.’ It was such a blessing.”\

\ So the players were happy they didn’t have to run field-length sprints. And reporters were happy they didn’t have to stand in the rain just to watch Terpjacks. Everyone - well, maybe everyone but Ralph - was a winner.\

\ I love it when a plan comes together.\

\ – Patrick Stevens