The Washington Times - September 11, 2007, 03:43PM

\ “I think it’s ongoing,” coach Ralph Friedgen said. “Each of them have strengths. Isaiah, I think he knows what he’s doing a little better than LaQuan. LaQuan seems to make more plays. It’s pretty balanced right now, and we’ve been playing both because we think it is pretty balanced. I’m waiting for some guy to come on and make a lot of plays at that position. That would really help us out and add another threat to our offense.”\

\ The other tweak has Adrian Moten taken off the chart at middle linebacker; he remains a backup on the strong side, while Dave Philistin and Chase Bullock are listed as co-starters in the middle. But that might be the most accurate picture of the situation.\


\ “They’re willing to put [Moten] at both Mike and Sam,” Friedgen said. “[Rick] Costa’s playing a little more at Will. We’ve got Chase back, and I’ve seen Chase play a little at defensive end. We’re getting healthier. We just have to stay that way.”\

\ — Patrick Stevens