The Washington Times - September 11, 2007, 03:48PM
Ralph Friedgen

\ As for Maryland students and players, well, that’s a different story.\


\ The first 5,000 students into Byrd Stadium on Thursday will receive a black t-shirt, which could be a hint of the Terrapins‘ attire. Wideout Danny Oquendo isn’t positive it will be a black jersey affair, but he made no secret of what he wanted.\

\ “I’m not sure,” Oquendo said. “I don’t really know. Hopefully, we do. Hopefully, we’ll get some black pants out there. … We have asked for black pants for a while.”\

\ Someone mentioned to Oquendo the Ron Vanderlinden-era helmets, which I would argue ranks just behind LaMont Jordan on the list of good things from those four years. That helmet was black with the snippets of the state flag coming out of an M. For a few years, those were paired with black jerseys as well.\

\ But no one expects an all-black look anytime soon.\

\ “That’s too far,” Oquendo said. “We have to crawl before we walk.”\

\ — Patrick Stevens