The Washington Times - September 11, 2007, 10:49AM
West Virginia

\ The Mountaineers kicked off at 11 a.m. at Marshall. The Terrapins started their game at Florida International at 7 p.m. And thanks to some nifty looking thunderstorms in the Miami area, Ralph and the boys rolled back into College Park about the same time some area farmers were out milking their cows.\


\ “[We’re] pretty tired,” Friedgen said. “It was the trip from hell. We got delayed over an hour on our way back. I rolled into my house at quarter to 5 and got back in at 9.”\

\ I understand there’s an eight-hour difference in the start times, and probably about a 10-hour difference in when the teams arrived home. But who in their right mind would want to play an early September game in Miami at noon or 1 p.m.? Well, besides Miami and Marshall a week earlier (and even then because TV told them to).\

\ Whenever Thursday night games in short weeks are in play, the scheduling gets funky. You think West Virginia wanted to play two road games in six days, one against an in-state team it hadn’t visited since Woodrow Wilson was president and the other a border rival who the Mountaineers have smoked the last two years? Not likely.\

\ The sort of inconveniences Maryland has to endure this week are the price of landing on national television and generating the “atmosphere” and “exposure” so many programs crave. That’s the bargain, and everyone knows it going in.\

\ This complaint has as much to do with Maryland being forced to go down to Florida International as it does anything else. If the Terps had an enormous stadium and Uncle Scrooge’s money bin, that wouldn’t be a concern. They have neither, so they don’t enjoy some of the opulence and luxuries of college football’s upper crust, and all the grousing in the world isn’t going to change that.\

\ — Patrick Stevens