The Washington Times - September 22, 2007, 10:56AM

\ Take Winston-Salem. I got up this morning for a run in the hotel gym, then took a longer walk around the area. Just three blocks from the hotel was a country store, and within minutes I’ve got a breakfast of plums and a can of Cheerwine. OK, so the Cheerwine pretty much undid half the good of running in the first place.\

\ (Granted, last night there was a street festival that snarled traffic getting to the downtown Marriott and made it seem like a big city, but that’s as lively as I’ve ever seen Winston-Salem, and I’d estimate I’ve made nine trips here over the years).\


\ Another random thing seen during the stroll: A place renting haulers touting a price of $117 to Falls Church, Va. Guess the Winston-Salem-to-Falls Church trek is more popular than anyone could have guessed.\

\ I’ll have more in a bit, including a rundown of the rest of the ACC, a restaurant review of a fine place to get a meal before any game at Wake Forest and some pre-pregame notes to go along with a prediction.\

\ — Patrick Stevens