The Washington Times - September 23, 2007, 11:16AM

\ My records go back a decade, and the box score archive on the Maryland athletic department’s site goes back to 1997. The worst I could find was from the 2001 trip to Florida State, when the Terps bolted to a 14-0 lead before Florida State rallied for a 52-31 win. That was matched by Ron Vanderlinden’s debut, when Maryland scored the first 14 points before Ohio University scored 21 unanswered to open the 1997 season.\


\ Both of those leads were erased before halftime. The two worst second-half meltdowns since 1998 came just a couple years ago; Clemson and Florida State both overcame 10-point deficits against the Terps that year.\

\ I’ll wind my way through what I can find from the late Duffner era, but those teams weren’t exactly known for their prowess at building (let alone maintaining) leads. And if anyone has any old Maryland media guides (football before 1999 and basketball before 1999-2000) they’re looking to ditch for a few bucks or just donate, drop me a line and I’ll happily find a spot for them on my bookshelf and be able to provide more thorough answers to such conundrums in the future.\

\ —- Patrick Stevens