The Washington Times - September 26, 2007, 07:21PM

\ What is the status of the injured left tackle?\

\ “I’m hoping Burley is gonna be able to play. We’ll see,” coach Ralph Friedgen said. “He practiced some today.”\


\ Issue 2: Richard Taylor\

\ How is the cornerback (ACL tear in spring) doing?\

\ “He’s about ready to play,” Ralph said. “He practiced a full week without the brace.”\

\ Issue 3: The offensive line\

\ What is the current top set of reserves on this thin unit?\

\ The answer, paraphrased, from left to right is freshman Bruce Campbell, walk-on Paul Pinegar, sophomore Phil Costa, walk-on Matthew Harraka and freshman Tyler Bowen (who is back after a lingering ankle injury).\

\ “It is what it is,” grumbled Ralph.\

\ Issue 4: Freshman surprises?\

\ Is anyone else sticking out this week?\

\ “Another guy who popped up was Ronnie Tyler,” Friedgen said. “I didn’t even know who he was. We were doing a long ball drill and the guy made a couple plays and I was like ‘Who the hell is that.’ I didn\0x2019t even know he was back.”\

\ That’s the condensed update; more a bit later.\

\ Bye-bye.\

\ — Patrick Stevens