The Washington Times - September 29, 2007, 08:18AM

\ Ah, memories. Won’t be getting two for the price of one today when Maryland faces No. 10 Rutgers in another seven hours or so. But this could be curious, simply because no one really knows how the Terrapins will bounce back from a crushing loss. And really, Rutgers isn’t exactly battle-tested with victories against Buffalo, Navy and Norfolk State to its credit.\

\ (No disrespect to Navy intended. But, as usual, the Midshipmen haven’t been terribly sharp in the early going, though I expect that to change today with Air Force paying a visit to Annapolis).\


\ So here’s a fearless forecast: Rutgers tailback Ray Rice will get his yards on plenty of carries (I’ll guess 160 yards and a couple scores on about 25-30 carries). Maryland will stick around for about a half and not give any reason to believe the season ended last weekend. But the Scarlet Knights will pull away to a 34-16 victory and not be terribly threatened in the second half.\

\ I’ll have more a bit later once I make it to gorgeous Piscataway.\

\ — Patrick Stevens