The Washington Times - September 30, 2007, 06:36PM

\ Ralph concocted the idea a few years ago to celebrate victories over top-10 teams with markers, and he wisely waited until he collected his first top-10 victory (in 2004 against Florida State) before doing so. Saturday’s defeat of Rutgers is the first time since then Maryland knocked off a top 10 team.\


\ So it lead to this amusing exchange at the tail end of Friedgen’s Sunday teleconference:\


Me: Any idea how soon you’ll have another one in there after this victory?\ \ \ Ralph: As soon as we can get a tombstone. We gotta buy it, you know? [laughing]\ \ \ Me: I’m just trying to get a timeline here as to how soon we might see it.

\ Ralph deferred to Dan Hickson, his director of football operations. And Hickson told a team spokesman he had no idea how soon it would happen, and that he will be making some calls Monday. The answer could be curious since the rest of the markers were all done at once.\

\ So, yes, Keon Lattimore was right when he boasted the Terps would get another tombstone. Whether he’ll see it this week, in the next month or before the end of the year, who knows?\

\ — Patrick Stevens