The Washington Times - September 8, 2007, 05:39PM
Musburglar Maryland SEE RELATED:

\ With about 90 minutes to kickoff, it is empty in the Orange Bowl. Somehow, the epic Maryland-Florida International grudge match has not captivated the hearts of the notoriously fickle fans of Miami. What a surprise.\

\ In any case, this is one of those times many folks might ask the question “What am I doing here?” Well, in this specific case, it’s because Maryland is willing to do 2-for-1 deals with non-BCS schools rather than simply shell out a ton of cash for someone to be happy with a single visit.\

\ Over/under on attendance has to be about 15,000, maybe a tick over. That’s about how much Florida International drew for each of its home games.\

\ Expect Maryland to want to get finish its first visit to this stadium since 1987 as quickly as possible. The turnaround for the Thursday game against West Virginia is a concern to Ralph Friedgen, who seemed displeased to learn this week that the Mountaineers would play at 11 a.m. against Marshall. But the big fella probably didn’t want an identical starting down here in college football’s answer to Hades.\

\ — Patrick Stevens