The Washington Times - August 11, 2008, 05:14PM

It’s been an interesting 24 hours or so, server problems notwithstanding.

I drove all the way to Charlottesville to write off Virginia’s media day. And there, even more than in College Park, quarterbacks are a question. At least with Maryland, fans know how Chris Turner and Jordan Steffy will play in games, and reporters can watch scrimmages and talk to possible quarterback starters.


Of course, there is no such certainty at Virginia. And since this was a trip into Lord Groh‘s Realm, it meant the possibility of such chicanery as the quarterbacks not talking to the media on Media Day. And that’s precisely what happened, which sort of spoiled the trip. But at least I paid only $3.599 for gas on the way home.

So it was bizarre, and also renewed a little appreciation for Ralph Friedgen. Paranoid and plenty accessible is a pretty good compared to many of the alternatives. And as I’ve said before, it’s not like Ralph’s the only paranoid coach out there.

Anyway, after getting home to the Glen Burnie blog headquarters this afternoon, I found a mailing from Maryland. It was a season ticket brochure, prompting more than a little deja vu. It’s not like that hasn’t been a topic in the last week or so.

Alas, no, I will not be adding to the season ticket base. But I will pass along that the top individual game ticket presales were for the Delaware, California and N.C. State games, in that order.

Those all make sense. Delaware will probably attract a decent crowd because of the regional tie-in. California is the marquee nonconference game. And N.C. State is Homecoming.

Not high on the list: Eastern Michigan. Not a surprise, either.

 —- Patrick Stevens