The Washington Times - August 12, 2008, 09:49PM

Maryland fan Jack sent this e-mail earlier today, and it provides a great transition into what Ralph Friedgen had to say after practice:

This indecision is not helping UMD’s hope to have the QB ready for the season. Forget [Jordan] Steffy and get on with the team’s progress. Pick [Josh] Portis or [Chris] Turner. Steffy doesn’t throw over 15-20 yds and he takes a lot of sacks. Come on Fridge get on with it. A lot of fans are waiting to see who the QB is before they sink $400 into tickets.


Make no mistake, there is a portion of the Maryland fanbase thinking like this. And so I have a little good news for those with Jack’s opinion: Ralph seems to want to make a call by Saturday at the latest.

I’m as skeptical as anyone on this topic, having endured last year’s camp competition that wasn’t. But I think he genuinely would like to make a call and be done with it. Really, the Terps have other problems they really don’t know the answer to (like just why their offensive line is struggling this month).

Now, as for what Ralph’s take was today, let’s just say Jack probably won’t entirely like it.

“I’m really looking for the guy who’s most consistent,” Friedgen said. “They’re all up and down. So far, I think Jordan has been more consistent than the other two. The other two have had the bad day. Jordan hasn’t had a bad day yet where nothing goes right. I’m anxious to see how this plays out. Someone needs to separate themselves, or I’m just going to close my eyes and pick a name out of a hat and let’s go.”

Great. Sounds like Ralph could borrow a line from The Simpsons and turn this into “Decision ‘08: College Park flips a coin.”

He probably won’t resort to that. But it’s clear Thursday’s much-balleyhooed mock scrimmage and Saturday’s scrimmage will go a long way in determining Friedgen’s thinking on the subject.

“They’re all getting equal reps right now,” Friedgen said. “It can’t go on forever. We have to get the guy ready to play or two guys ready to play. That time is fast approaching. … I’d like to see some guy jump out Thursday and then jump out Saturday. That would be a slam dunk ready to go. If it isn’t, I think we have to make a decision and just go with it.”

And when he makes that call, whatever you do, please don’t blame me. I voted for Kodos.

 —- Patrick Stevens