The Washington Times - August 12, 2008, 08:08PM

Sometimes, Ralph Friedgen‘s praise that a guy is “PTBHEP” —- a terrible, unwieldy acronym for “playing the best he’s ever played” —- is something of a kiss of death.

Maybe it’s just me, but that isn’t always followed by playing even better.


Or in some cases, playing much at all.

Alas, Travis Ivey was playing about as well as he’d ever been playing while in College Park. Well, up until Monday afternoon, when he broke his foot when he planted it funny while running. He’s out three-to-six weeks.

Carl Russell‘s situation wasn’t much better and surely wasn’t any less flukey. A little running led to a torn meniscus, and the freshman defensive end (who grayshirted last year) is suddenly gone for three-to-four weeks. He’ll be operated on tomorrow morning.

Maryland just got Mack Frost back at practice today, so Russell’s injury can be absorbed at a position where he was probably fourth-string, anyway. But Ivey was the No. 2 nose tackle behind Bemi Otulaja, and Friedgen indicated it could be an opening for true freshman A.J. Francis to eventually get into the mix.

Best case scenario for Maryland: Ivey’s out less than a month and the Terps make do with Otulaja and redshirt freshman Dion Armstrong. But if it goes much longer, and Francis keeps catching Friedgen’s eye, burning a redshirt might become a possibility.

As for a situation with fewer long-term effects, wideout Emani Lee-Odai was admitted and released from an area hospital because of dehydration. He wasn’t at practice today, but has been cleared to return.

OK, time to pack up and head home. I’ll have the daily quarterback update and a rundown of the offense to date once I’m back in the blog’s Glen Burnie headquarters.

 —- Patrick Stevens