The Washington Times - August 12, 2008, 08:03AM

One quick story to present this morning: A dead-tree edition on quarterback Jordan Steffy.

For those that like to parse words, here’s what Ralph Friedgen had to say about his fifth-year senior:


“He’s a kid who I truly love, just knowing the adversity he faces,” Friedgen said. “I know the fans are kind of down on him right now, but he still fights back and gives you everything he has on every play. He went through a very tough thing last year. The interception at Wake Forest, that could have happened to anybody. Then to get knocked out of a game he was playing pretty good in.”

As of yesterday, Steffy and Chris Turner were “about even.” And so the quarterback questioning will head into another day, although it is encouraging that Ralph seems to want to make a call this week.

More in a bit.

—-Patrick Stevens