The Washington Times - August 13, 2008, 01:04PM

Among the things seen while waiting outside of Maryland’s practice field was safeties Jeff Allen and Jamari McCollough in t-shirts and shorts walking toward the heart of campus.

Turns out there was good reason they missed the morning session.


“Jamari and Jeff Allen were not at practice today because there’s a class they took first semester,” coach Ralph Friedgen said. “In the past, the teachers worked with us. But this year, they wouldn’t, so they had to go to class and miss practice.”

Needless to say, this didn’t put Ralph in the best of spirits. But it did get him to answer a question I can’t say I’d ever thought of asking: If arson was legal for one day, which campus building would he reduce to ashes?

“I don’t know how you take a class in the first semester and you still have to go to class in the second,” Friedgen said. “It’s beyond me. When I went school, they’d be protesting in the streets on that one. They’d be marching in the streets. Burn down the administration building. I always wanted to burn down the motor vehicle building. That’s where all my tickets were.”

Not saying joking about what you would do with severe pyromaniacal proclivities is a good thing, but here’s betting a lot of veterans of the College Park experience would wholeheartedly agree with the Fridge on this one.

—- Patrick Stevens