The Washington Times - August 13, 2008, 10:32AM

One of the things that makes Maryland junior Nolan Carroll an intriguing option at cornerback this season is his size.

In today’s dead tree edition, I mention he’s one of the largest cornerbacks the Terrapins have employed in recent memory. And, of course, I feel the need to offer proof.


Carroll is 6-foot-1 and 202 pounds. Among his goals for the season, he told me, is “to intimidate people.”

By size alone, he’ll probably do better than most of Maryland’s corners of the last decade. Here’s a look at every guy who has started at corner for Maryland since 1999 (data from each year’s media guide):


Cornerback Ht. Wt.
Renard Cox6-0189
Tony Okanlawon5-11 
Lewis Sanders6-1200
Curome Cox6-1192
Tony Okanlawon5-11193
Andrew Smith6-0196
Dennard Wilson5-11188
Curome Cox6-1185
Domonique Foxworth
Tony Okanlawon5-11186
Dennard Wilson5-11183
Curome Cox6-1199
Domonique Foxworth5-11175
Jamal Chance6-1203
Curome Cox6-1199
Domonique Foxworth5-11169
Domonique Foxworth5-11178
Reuben Haigler5-10186
Gerrick McPhearson5-10190
Josh Wilson5-9180
Isaiah Gardner5-11194
Gerrick McPhearson5-10194
Josh Wilson5-10182
Isaiah Gardner5-11194
Josh Wilson5-9187
Kevin Barnes6-1188
Isaiah Gardner5-11197

Obviously, these numbers can be fudged a bit; just take a look at Josh Wilson growing an inch heading into his junior year and then shrinking by an inch by the time he entered his final season.

But all things being equal, Maryland would have two starting cornerbacks who are 6-foot or taller for the first time since 1999 if Carroll and Kevin Barnes start. And while some of those smaller guys turned out to be pretty good (Dominique Foxworth, Curome Cox and Wilson spring to mind), Maryland’s secondary will at least have a bigger-than-usual look this season.

Patrick Stevens