The Washington Times - August 13, 2008, 12:56PM

This quarterback stuff is getting tiresome.

And to be honest, I even slipped and asked my first QB-related question of the month. In my defense, it is pretty relevant.


It was “Is past game experience a consideration or factor in this decision?”

Quoth the Ralph: “Sure. If all things are even, yeah. I think that hasn’t been consistent, either. We’ve done some real good things and we haven’t done some real good things. Both of them, both of the guys who played. I haven’t seen Portis yet. That’s still a concern.”

The real interesting comments came in regard to Chris Turner. Friedgen obliquely referenced Turner’s displeasure of being yanked in the first half of a loss at Florida State last November that came a week after he authored a superb outing against Boston College.

“When he’s on, he’s pretty good,” Friedgen said. “That’s what he has to do: Stay on. Sometimes, he’s just not there. He’s somewhere else. It’s time to play someone else when that happens, and that may happen this year. We could be playing him, and it’s not his day, we need to make a move and play someone else and he doesn’t need to get all upset about it. Get ready the next time. If it’s his day, we’re in good shape.”

What this says: For all the camp smokescreens, it’s pretty clear that if everyone is at their optimal level, Turner is the best bet. Keeping him at his peak is the priority.

Some non-QB stuff to fill out the rest of the day…

* Nose tackle Travis Ivey will not undergo surgery on his broken foot. Instead, he will have a treatment of “bone stimulation.” And for those of you trying to find double meanings, get your mind out of the gutter.

* Ralph wants to become a little more involved in practice after the first week or so in more of an observer’s role. “That’s my job,” Friedgen said. “I told them after practice I’m going to get off my fat ass and start getting every ounce of energy and every ounce of talent out of them. I’ve kind of let them down in that case and I’m not going to do that anymore. I think because I did that today, I got more out of them.”

* Plenty of praise for linebackers Moise Fokou and Rick Costa. Nobody seems to be making a push quite like Costa, who has benefited from Trey Covington‘s absence with a lingering hamstring injury.

* Along with Covington, linebacker Alex Wujciak was held to play it safe with his reconstructed knee. Dave Philistin moved over to middle linebacker to fill in for Wujciak.

* One position that seems stable: Cornerback, with Kevin Barnes, Nolan Carroll and Anthony Wiseman drawing praise. “I’m very pleased with our corner play,” Friedgen said. “I think it’s as good as we’ve had in a while.”

—- Patrick Stevens