The Washington Times - August 14, 2008, 09:32PM

Another day, another defensive lineman down for Maryland.

Travis Ivey and Carl Russell were joined on the sideline today by Dean Muhtadi. The defensive tackle had his left shoulder in a sling as he rode a stationary bike.


“He went the whole practice yesterday and played pretty good,” coach Ralph Friedgen said. “He made some plays. He came in this morning and said his shoulder came out and he had trouble raising it.”

Maybe the most fascinating part of it all was that Muhtadi was hurt in the seventh period on Wednesday. That means he went another 17 periods —- or more than an hour —- with his shoulder hanging out.

Muhtadi’s injury sounds like it will be an aggravation —- Friedgen talked about letting the soreness subside before getting Muhtadi back, and Muhtadi had an operation on that shoulder in high school —- but it just doesn’t bode well for a unit that is probably Maryland’s most vulnerable this year.

“The other guys have to step up, but we can’t afford to lose any more,” Friedgen said.

I asked Friedgen if the defensive line was the 2008 equivalent of the tissue-thin offensive line of a season ago.

“I don’t think it’s that bad yet,” Friedgen said. “Mack [Frost] has to stay healthy and Jeremy [Navarre] has to stay healthy. Bemi [Otulaja] and [Dion] Armstrong have to play good.”

Friedgen said he hoped Ivey (broken foot) would be back in time for either the California or Eastern Michigan games in mid-September.

More from practice in a bit…

—- Patrick Stevens