The Washington Times - August 16, 2008, 11:19AM

Today might just be decision day in College Park. Will it be Chris Turner? Or Josh Portis? Or Jordan Steffy? Or some combination of the three.

The anticipation is gnawing at some Maryland fans.


But this isn’t Judgment Day. Or Judgement Day. Not even close.

That’s because some genius decided that would be Nov. 22. Not to go all Book of Revelation or anything, but this sucker is already set.

All because of this t-shirt (which I snapped a lousy and incomplete photo of in the student union this week):

Lame shirt

Now, I’m no marketing genius. But how to put this kindly…

… OK, there’s no way to put this kindly. This is completely asinine.

Let’s suppose Maryland comes into that game 7-3. And Florida State is 6-4. Or vice versa. Or if one of the teams is at .500 or worse.

What exactly is going to be judged in this scenario? Which team goes to the Music City Bowl?

There’s nothing wrong with slapping a season-long slogan on a t-shirt and selling it to the masses. But this doesn’t make much sense, especially since one of the teams playing on “A Day of Judgement” went 6-7 last year and the other will be missing about 20 players because of an academic suspension for the first three games of the season.

And that’s the final verdict on this example of absurdity.

—- Patrick Stevens