The Washington Times - August 17, 2008, 02:25PM

One thing that is not a secret in College Park: Ralph Friedgen isn’t exactly fond of the officials the ACC provides each week.

It almost became an every-week event last fall, Ralph grumbling about some call or another. In some of the cases, he was right. (And when he is right, you have to wonder what’s so wrong with saying so).


Well, during last night’s scrimmage, Davin Meggett broke what look like a 75-yard touchdown run, though he was dragged down near the goal line. The officials signaled a score, but the ball was soon placed on the 1 and the offense scampered back onto the field.

Since Maryland had followed up a long play last week by placing the ball on the one, it seemed reasonable to ask if Meggett was down or if that was a situational call.

“We had the review officials tonight,” Friedgen said. “You can [guess] how really happy I was. I guess it was under review. They must have a camera in here. How can you have it under review if you don’t have a camera?”

“Maybe they’re using the construction camera,” I suggested, referring to the angle provided by Clark Construction from quite a ways from the field to update the progress of the work being done on Byrd Stadium.

“Probably the one they use during the year, too,” Friedgen joked. “There I go again. I’ll be getting calls from the commissioner.”

And getting one in the middle of August might be a personal best. Or worst.

One thing’s for sure: To paraphrase official Ron Cherry, Ralph isn’t above giving the refs the business. And it probably won’t change, either.

—- Patrick Stevens